1. Musical Advice

    Musical Advice stands for Music Marketing, Analysis of Musical Trends, Music Supervisoring and Music Search.

    Music is a universal language, the most ancient form of communication, even more powerful than words. Music brings us inside our feelings, leads us throughout our experiences and opens the doors of our memories. Music and sounds tear down any barriers and contribute to place the image of a brand inside the human brain incisively. Mokamusic is an Italian leading music company because it operates with a specific focus on "The New Customer Experience".

    We make Brands Unique and Recognizable...


  2. Sonic Branding

    Sonic Branding stands for Music Production, Sound Design, Searching and Casting of Voices and Dubbing.

    Mokamusic provides High-Quality Music "tailor-made on Clients needs". From Classic to Contemporary, from Jazz to Electronic, from Rock to Pop, the agency offers all kinds of music thanks to the collaboration with a professional network of musicians and composers from all over the World. It means a wide-range of music solutions with an italian and international touch. Brand Music, Sound Logos, Advertising sound, Telephone sound, Product sound, Brand voices are extremely powerful tools for brands that aim to be connected to their audience. 

    Tell us who you are and we will design your Music Identity...

  3. Licensing & Music Endorsement

    Licensing stands for the best famous or known track for your Advertising Campaign. 

    Mokamusic handles any type of music negotiation, both on a national and international base, doing the best to guarantee clients the acquisition of the licenses for the usage of pieces of music. The Agency supports advertising agencies and companies in solving legal problems linked to the wrong usage of music. Music Endorsement means to find the most representative artist for a specific brand. 

    A famous soundtrack engages your target...

  4. Bopper

    Bopper stands for "a high-quality music library", a good alternative to music production. 

    Mokamusic searchs for you on Bopper the most suitable music for your project. The Pro Music Platform for Ads & Brand Content is a flagship of Mokamusic. With Bopper it became possible for brands and their agencies to find real high-quality music from international trending artists for their content, easily and quickly.  All tracks are pre-cleared to license. More about Bopper in  Buy Music

    Bopper is Your New Alternative to Stock Music...

  5. Music for Events

    Music for Events stands for musical advice, music productions, music licenses and playlists for Corporate Events and Big Shows.

    "Amaze, Entertain, Communicate" these are the main watchwords that Mokamusic keeps in mind in the proposition of music for Corporate Events and Big ShowsA, Art Exhibitions, Fashion Shows and any other kind of happenings. Mokamusic aims to let the audience live a great engaging experience.

    Music Connects People...

  6. Post Production

    Post Production stands for Sound Editing and Sound Mixing for every media channel. 

    The Mokamusic team is specialized in audio post-production, editing, mixing for Tv commercials, Digital Campaigns, Film & More.

    It Sounds Good...

  7. Hexanaural Technology

    Hexanaural Technology stands for the new sound frontier.

    This technology is superior to 3D, 8D, virtual surround, and other immersive audio systems. This new and exclusive technology is currently rated by many professionals as the most powerful environmental recording tool, Cochlear technique with Binaural and Vestibular flows for a grasp of the sound reality never reached before. The sounds really seem to materialize near the listener. 

    Hexanaural Sound leads the listener into a total sound immersion and represents a real revolution of sound recording and reproduction.

    Live the sound experience, Listen...


  8. Music for Gaming

    Music for Gaming stands for ad hoc music production and sound design.

    Music and Sound Design are important tools for the Video Game Industry in order to offer a really immersive experience. Music is an effective part of this type of entertainment, and together with Sound can control emotions.

    A good soundtrack makes the difference...