1. Music Consulting

    Mokamusic helps clients approach music on a strategic level and understand its impact on business growth. Music is a universal language, the most ancient form of communication, even more powerful than words. It communicates in a direct way and without filters to the unconscious mind. Music brings us inside our feelings, leads us throughout our experiences and opens the doors of our memories. It gives a multi-level brand experience. Music and sounds tear down any barriers and contribute to place the image of a brand inside the human brain incisively. Jingles, sound logos, brand songs are extremely powerful tools for brands that aim to be connected to their audience. 

    Imagine your Life Without Music...


  2. Music Production

    "High Quality Music tailor-made on Clients needs" is one of the Mokamusic main goals. From Classic to Contemporary, from Jazz to Electronic, from Rock to Pop, we produce all types of music thanks to the collaboration with a professional network of musicians and composers from all over the World. It permits us to offer a wide-range of music solutions with an italian and international touch. The French-Italian composer Philip Abussi, Mokamusic co-Founder and Head of Music, supervies our creative department.

    Tell us who you are and we will compose the Music you need.

  3. Search & Licensing

    Going through all the other genres, Mokamusic team search and find the most suitable pieces of Music for any type of project and budget. We license music speaking to the Majors and with loyal international partners. We handle any type of music negotiations, both on a national and international base, doing our best to guarantee clients the acquisition of the licenses for the usage of pieces of music, we also support them in solving legal problems linked to the wrong usage of music authorizations. To this day various important brands have trusted us.

    A Soundtrack can tell your Story...

  4. Music for Events

    "Amaze, Entertain, Communicate" these are the main watchwords that we keep in mind when we propose music for Corporate Events and Big Events. Mokamusic designs music strategy, ad hoc compositions and manages music license for Art Exhibitions, Fashion Shows and any other kind of happenings with the aim to let the audience live a multi-sensorial experience.

    Music Connets People...

  5. Post Production & Voices

    Mokamusic means high qualitative services in the field of audio post-production, editing, mixing and also searching and casting of the more suitable voices for brands or communication projects.

    It Sounds Good...

  6. Music Strategy for Retail

    Mokamusic supports Retail Industry offering music strategy, consulting, playlist selection and special music or multi-sensorial concepts. Music is deeply connected to our emotions, so playing music in stores can have a huge impact on the experience that customers have in the store and how they perceive products or services. It can also have an impact on employees. Background music can help to reduce ambient noise from the outside world and the other customers, improve mood, reduce anxiety. Music performances contribute to improve the customer experience.

    Let Music engage your Target...