ACQUARIO - Andrea Pacanowski Art Project

Video installation :Andrea Pacanowski 
Music & Sound Design: Philip Abussi 

The project curated by Miliza Rodic is exhibited in Palermo, Capitale Italiana della Cutlura 2018 at Sala SACS, Sicilian Contemporary Art Museum (June 23 - July 23 2018) together with other artworks by Andrea Pacanowsky and Camilla Ancilotto.


In Pacanowski's words: "The image of the aquarium is a choice that I have come to after a profound reflection and observation of this often suspended and hypnotic world. With the video installation Acquario the experience of the artist becomes experience for the person that makes use of it as well."

Philip Abussi created music and sound design in order to accompany the visual concept and contribute to make the experience more real.